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5920 AR-5, Suite 5

Bryant, AR  72022

First, select the reason for your visit, then time for your visit. 

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You will need a copy of your driver's license or Arkansas state-issued ID card and medical records or your doctor's information.  If you don't have this information, NOT a problem!  Our doctor will still visit with you and we will get your records later.  If our doctor cannot certify you, then your visit is FREE.


Fee Structure - Bryant

Accepted Payments

New Patient Certification Is Only $250
100% Risk Free & Worry-Free Price Match Guarantee
Renewal Patient Certification is $200
Special $50 discounted pricing for renewal visit
Follow-Up Patient Visit is $100
Recommended for optimum health maintenance.
Veterans (First Visit Only) $225
$25 Off New Patient Visit. We appreciate our veterans!  

We currently accept major credit cards, cash, and debit.  We also now accept our in-house $50 Payment Plan.  No personal checks are accepted.




Unfortunately medical marijuana/cannabis is still federally illegal, therefore no insurance company has elected to cover cannabis-related treatments or related office visits.

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0r call us:  1-888-454-2111 
**Discounts can not be combined and are subject to change without notice.

> Get Pre-Qualified.  It's FREE and Easy!

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Our mmj doctors ( marijuana doctor ) and staff here at ARCannabis Clinic are committed to educate and help you understand the process in which to obtain your marijuana card/cannabis card, medical card ( cannabis card ) so that you may have an alternative treatment option.  The marijuana doctor ( cannabis doctor ) and staff at ARCannabis Clinic understand that the world is changing and the art of medicine has to change along with it.  Our marijuana doctors ( cannabis doctors ) will see you periodically for follow-up appointments and visit with you on your progress.  Your cannabis card marijuana card ( mmj card ) is required to be re-certified yearly by your marijuana doctor ( cannabis doctor ) to keep your marijuana card/cannabis card active.  Get certified to get your marijuana card, cannabis card today!  Our cannabis doctor, marijuana doctor is available 7 days a week to visit with you.

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